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"The Gusher"

Stevi's Secrets presentation.

Purchased through Stevi Secret's site -

Featuring Alex and Andrew.

A believably attractive couple introduce themselves in their own bedroom. They tell us that they are new to this type of thing, and their charmingly unprofessional approach and awkward undressing of each other tends to prove it.

They take it in turns to treat each other orally - and they're both very good at it - before Andrew straddles her for a passionate 69.

Alex knows what she wants, and has no qualms about asking for it. At her request they start fucking in the doggy position. She is one of those girls who desperately (and I personally find somewhat confusingly <s>) cries out "No!" when she damn well means "Yes" . The water bed takes a pounding as she noisily cums, ejaculating a wet patch onto the bed.

Their playful affection is disarming, as Alex straddles him in reverse cowgirl. She gives him a real pounding as she rides through a number of beautifully desperate orgasms. On her side now, Andrew cums on her stomach and breasts. She then does a magical and uninhibited job of licking his cock and anus until he's hard again. Then her party piece - swallowing his cock completely whilst putting her tongue out to lick his balls. Impressive.

Andrew returns the compliment with cunnilingus and analingus, fingering her to a string of orgasms. Alex has an unnerving habit of holding her breath when she cums, and I did wonder a couple of times if & when she would breath again!

She then kneels over Andrew's mouth and he licks her to an intense gushing orgasm. A quick manouver to girl-on-top 69, and her abandonment when cumming had me fearing for Andrews cock in amoungst all those teeth...

Doggy style really does it for her, and Alex shows slightly masochistic tendencies, begging Andrew to fucks her pussy sore, relishing him pulling her hair, and wanting her ass spanked.

Back on her back, and there's some great camera work showing her pushing out the base of her paraurethral and meatus as she cums, squirting a little during several of her numerous orgasms. A medlay of positions follows, during which there is an interesting interlude when they both address the camera anouncing that they will attempt anal sex. They do, but Alex isn't comfortable with it, and they fuck for Andrew's climax. Irritatingly this is on Alex's face (although she clearly wants it in her mouth), and then impressively he again fucks her with the wilting remains of his erection and she gushes on them both.

This is unashamedly a Couples Film. Amateur production without backing music or particularly slick camera work, it conveys the raw sensuality of Alex and Andrew, whilst also giving a glimpse of their relationship dynamic under the most intimate circumstances - I think this is very brave of them - you come away feeling that you "know" them.

Their sexual techniques are anything but amateur - few professional porn stars can fellate as proficiently as Alex, and both have an experienced appreciation of anal stimulation.

Viewing this film will not specifically teach how to female ejaculate, and it is almost incidental to the sex (as it should be IMO). It is however inspirational - If you manage to have as much fun in bed as these two, FemEjac will probably follow!

 Setch - June'99.

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